An-other year around the sun, I arrive home to start what’s begun

The Caretaker program starts this Saturday! It is through Coyote Trails School of Nature (
I plan on posting updates from time to time on our projects and what we learn. Some documenting of dirt-time. Some pictures. We’ll see as it goes!

On Friday Sept 30th, we’ll have a Central Fire to hold light for our fellow students, wherever you are, join in.

Yesterday on our final stretch of the drive from Ohio to Ashland, OR, we experienced a sunrise that was pretty powerful, with other cars few and far between. Later that day we visited Crater Lake. Wow. …wow. The bluest of blues. The air crisp and cleansing as the clouds rolled along at our feet, sandals no longer weather-appropriate.

During the drive, my sister Emily and I took turns reading aloud On the Road by Jack Kerouac. That was fun. I dig.


We saw friends in Kansas City, MO, and then in Boulder, CO.  In Boulder we rock-climbed in Boulder Canyon, my first experience on REAL rock, rather than the man-made rock of Columbus. The next day we hiked in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, up to Lake Isabel. I believe the elevation there is something near 10,000 ft.  We packed sandwiches and had lunch there. Nothing was rushed, and all was good. Later we climbed again at a different location in Boulder Canyon, and learned repelling also. So the trip from Ohio to Oregon by car was a good one!


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