Giving Thanks Each Day — WHY NOT?!


Keep it light. 
with life, i’m elated. 
So much so that my pupils dialated. 
The opening of my lungs isn’t something to be debated.
For I can breathe here, the air is pure,
in my heart i rate it — 
The highest quality, allowing me to serve in the highest good, unfaded. 
Vibrant, like the pure light that we all are made of…
Vibrating, at a frequency where only some sense that we are created
Not to be destroyed, but to flourish, we’ve arrived, we’ve made it. 
We showed up, attracted abundance, rich with a life of love & changes. 
Ever-growing, ever-knowing that life unfolds as you manifest, you shape it. 
You are beautiful, you are light, you are in a temple, embrace it. 



Radiate the Light that comes from within
straight from the Source, that’s how we begin. 
Of the Source Light, I Am a beacon. 
bringing it all home in my meditation. 
For all we have is the wisdom of compassion. 
Let it spread, across the land it’s reaching. 
Let it spread, from wise eyes come the teachings.
Let it spread, smoothly is the blessing. 
Go with the wolf, the flow is leaking, 
past your earlids, it pours in every season. 
The Light drives out the dark for a reason
Divine intervention showed me i’m a tree-queen. 
For I have roots not in the flesh, but spiritually seeping…
Deep into Earth Momma who creates the seedling
manifesting her caretaker, humbly speaking
words carefully spoken, from the heart I’m choosing 
Giving thanks for the abundance; the gifts of breathing,
the Lifeblood of the planet & the Light inside my Being.



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