Getting Re-wired.

i look to the sky
it effortlessly glides by
the red-shouldered hawk
giving it’s cry

like a cry out for Vision
which some days
i am familiar with,
some days
seems like a concept too foreign.

a sparkle shines from broken rock.
pieces distributed to the interpreters.
yeah, yeah.
maybe they love coffee
more than is necessary.
can you blame them?
then, the sun hits
and shadows are born.

turkey. quail. spotted skunk.
cougar. showshoe hare. coyote.
leave their tracks
for us to read.
to interpret.
to communicate.
to honor.

then i hear stories of the young ones.
they have animal brethren
who visit them
whose connection is palpable.

i’m honored to sit and learn from them.
even when i pretend not to be.
their light is unmistakable.
but it’s obtainable.
i knew it once.
i mean really KNEW it.

so i work
(it’s good work)
to bring back that light
into me

i squandered the opportunity
time and time again
as i fell into society’s illusions.
but good news is,
it never really went out.
i can tend the fire.
while my brain and heart get rewired.

it’s happening.
it’s real.

katie shelter


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