[jai guru deva, om]

He’s got such sad eyes.
They’re weighted. They’re a mess.
But they’re beautiful when they make contact.
Just like us.


There are days when coffee ain’t enough.
When sleep ain’t coming. When things get rough.
Days when I pretend to be tough and
When my heart spills, I wipe it up with my worn-down cuff.

These days I tend to write only temporarily in my mind.
But my mantra is that I’m working hard to be kind.
Shouldn’t be such a struggle, shouldn’t take so much time.
Should be a look of compassion in the blink of an eye.

Now I don’t have a space of my own.
Sleeping in the back of my truck ain’t exactly a home.
But it’s not conducive to creativity or riding the “Om.”
Not all those who wander are lost, but what’s the meaning of the roam?

I tell ya, tone of voice can make all the difference.
Positive affirmations get ya off the fence.
Tell myself in the mirror that I’ve got unlimited connection
to Source, to laughter, to everything, & that’s a blessing.



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