wake me up from snooze…

gathering in Gold Hill, across from the Rogue.
pairs of shoes left behind @ entry.
familiar faces stir up familiar feelings.
the fire calls out sincerely.
beautiful beings surround it for warmth & company.
music knows me, guides me, shows me
how to heal & approach life sweetly.
bullfrogs send out their scattered chorus
from the pond that seems calm for eternity.
river otter glides,
bringing the weasel vibes.
leaving a wake very minimally.
a train rolls by seeming rushed for time,
barreling along & shouting abruptly.
peacock shouts & wanders about,
i sit here burning, … healing.
Our bodies are composed of fibers of light.
That’s why it’s brilliant when you & I collide.
By day & night we fly to connect to the most High.
Yeah, you & I are something magical, you & I can change the tides.
and so we ride, into the sunset, until the sunrise.

I hear sleep is for dreamers, but these moments can clean us.
yet so may rest if we :[give it the time]:
your radiant smile brings out my best, :[I got love for you growing wide]:
while I wrestle with killer whales, you remind me
that I’m a woman with the heart of a child,
:[always & forever growing bright]:
Life-changing views wake me up from snooze.
Check my pack, ready to roll if I choose.
Move across mountain ranges, take in all of the hues.
People call it deranged if it’s not the right shade of blue.
But that’s alright, we roll on ’cause there’s nothing to lose.
Just vehicles to deliver the Source News.
Scouts in training make their debut.
time & time again, dissolve into the truth.
what’s a-skew is the “don’ts” and “do’s”
of society’s matrix: they feed you booze & collect your dues.
But time to move on from that, boil a different stew.
Review the clues from source & find that Sacred is You.
Hold compassion, light, infinite love & gratitude.
:[Wake me up]:
I can still see you clearly. Your handwriting.
I don’t even have to close my eyes to see it. To see you.
4.3.14 on a dream:
Glimpse of a killer whale. Glimpse of a fairy tale.
Glimpse of death to come. Glimpse of life and love.

drag me under while i fight to save the ones I love.
I got your message loud & clear, a few days too late.


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