Organic Love

Organic Love will allow us to grow with no harsh words or chemicals i know
that we can grow strong and we can grow old, just so long as we say so, we say so…
Mother Earth, she will protect us, help keep us calm, cool, and collected,
it’s just that some people have neglected her, she deserves to be respected.

even in a room with the loudest noise, what rains through is drops of your voice,
sprinkling all over, i really have no choice, but i’d still choose you and your voice boy,
’cause every ounce of what you speak is so enchanting,
and every movement that you make seems like you are dancing.
you are dancing…

i may not be the prettiest to all of the magazines,
but to you i’m gorgeous and you treat me like a queen.
hey fella– you can be my king, together we will, we will, we will–
sing until the day breaks.
sing until the day breaks.

No need for the mixed messages. it only creates internal stresses.
No need to calculate percentages. I’ll tell you straight up, what’s impressive is
your attention to all the details. the way you move, patient as a snail, ’cause
i like when you take your time with me, & you admire my relation with Coyote.
i want you to know that i’d give up any plans, if it meant making your sweet smile dance.
grinning ear to ear, gonna give us a chance.

sing until the day breaks!

katie wind


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