The Possibility

Dec. 2014

my heart beats heavily
with the possibility of
syncing with another.
my body feels the gravity
’cause i’m starting to float
right alongside another…

you say i can call,
you say i can call you,
you say i can call you any time i want.
that scares me,
that excites me,
that enlivens me to keep on callin’ on you…

seem so familiar,
i can’t quite place it.
but i’m not concerned with categories & placements.
the estrangement
from who i used to be
has got me tracing lines from all the tracks and stories and…

all the what-if’s…

walk softly,
quietly upon the
trail to my heart.
i feel your traction.
it’s been building,
it’s been building from the start.

well I’m staying here in a bed
made for two.
it ain’t right,
no, it ain’t true.

i want you here.
i wanna feel your bones.
i want you here.
you feel like home.

so what do you say?
will you come be with me?
will you walk these heights?
will you sail these seas?

i hear the coast is clear,
so let’s go hide there.

i wanna feel all the
shades of every color
that you speak so fondly of.
i wanna feel…
i wanna feel…
all the shades of you.

crazy that we’ve only,
only ever been apart.
crazy this might turn into something
’cause you caught me off guard…

i keep this close to
my heart not neglectfully
spreading the words of our art.

my heart beats heavily
with the possibility of
harmonizing with yours.
kt pilot


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