this is for you

DSCF5004  DSCF5003 as far as i know, i have not met you yet. but i want to let you know some things ’cause i don’t want to own regrets.

so this is for you, maybe you already know it. yeah, this is for Truth, arguably the best poet.

i wanna talk to you different than i talk to anybody else. to just be clean, no hiding, and to lay it all out.

i swear to God, i’m willing to stand face to face with you. heart to heart with You.
to start at the start with you. and not expect you to meet me where i want you to be.
to just be willing to walk the trail with me.
not saying we need to walk the same path or… stay in line
but to intertwine with the beauty we see in each other.
to push each other to be our best, with barefeet upon our mother.
eyes gently gazing up to sky father who holds the light
that shines so bright in your eyes where i feel honored
to feel connected. yeah i’m giving thanks for all the lessons that have been reflected.

and if i’m singing and you’re drawn to it, sing the harmony.
to the melody that has been a little too lonely
but hasn’t realized it ’cause it was too stubborn trying to prove it’s beautiful enough on its own.

i’m working to interpret my dreams, to kiss
the ones that feel too real to dismiss,
like the one where we met up in the age of an anchor,
or a silhouette in the background as i admire a toddler.
or the weasel who spoke english, or the black bear on my left.
or the early killer whale who reflected death.

what i’m saying is i know you in my dreams where we shape shift.
i’m ready to meet you in waking moments, ready to embrace & uplift.

you can look me in the eye, but what i need is for you to look me in the heart.



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