The Possibility

Dec. 2014

my heart beats heavily
with the possibility of
syncing with another.
my body feels the gravity
’cause i’m starting to float
right alongside another…

you say i can call,
you say i can call you,
you say i can call you any time i want.
that scares me,
that excites me,
that enlivens me to keep on callin’ on you…

seem so familiar,
i can’t quite place it.
but i’m not concerned with categories & placements.
the estrangement
from who i used to be
has got me tracing lines from all the tracks and stories and…

all the what-if’s…

walk softly,
quietly upon the
trail to my heart.
i feel your traction.
it’s been building,
it’s been building from the start.

well I’m staying here in a bed
made for two.
it ain’t right,
no, it ain’t true.

i want you here.
i wanna feel your bones.
i want you here.
you feel like home.

so what do you say?
will you come be with me?
will you walk these heights?
will you sail these seas?

i hear the coast is clear,
so let’s go hide there.

i wanna feel all the
shades of every color
that you speak so fondly of.
i wanna feel…
i wanna feel…
all the shades of you.

crazy that we’ve only,
only ever been apart.
crazy this might turn into something
’cause you caught me off guard…

i keep this close to
my heart not neglectfully
spreading the words of our art.

my heart beats heavily
with the possibility of
harmonizing with yours.
kt pilot


i walk quietly, calmly through an airport.
music resounding in my ears.

i glance at strangers and realize that in the blink of an eye, we could be in love.
so what is stopping me from being in love, each and every moment?
today? — nothing.
even turbulence is a blessing.

the clouds form waves of their own, releasing pressure from the most high.
the sun shines brightly, warming me through the window.
striations in the clouds below.

this boat in the sky rocks side to side, up and down.
yet i’m smiling a little on the outside, warmly on the inside.
we are above most of the clouds.
we gain altitude.
i feel gratitude.

The Fire. The Flame. The Marks. The Gain.

I was never good at putting fires out.
I’ve always loved the flame too much.
Always willing to get burned, ’cause that’d mean being able to touch It.
I’ve made the sacrifice, unknowingly, more often than not.
But now I’ve gotten distance; I’ve gotten perspective.
Sometimes I can’t feel the heat anymore.

I was never good at putting fires out.
They just happened to find their own way, burning everything in sight, sometimes in the blink of an eye.
Then and only then would their power cease.
But it never ceases to amaze me.
When I feel a spark.
Or when I’m pulled by the dark.
What could this mystery entail?

I’ve got the scars to prove it — I’m not afraid to jump into the fire.
For fear of the unknown is nowhere near as great as the fear of not having the scars, of not diving in deep and coming out on the other end, exclaiming “AH! what a life it’s been!” only to climb back up and attempt to dive deeper than I could even fathom.


Organic Love

Organic Love will allow us to grow with no harsh words or chemicals i know
that we can grow strong and we can grow old, just so long as we say so, we say so…
Mother Earth, she will protect us, help keep us calm, cool, and collected,
it’s just that some people have neglected her, she deserves to be respected.

even in a room with the loudest noise, what rains through is drops of your voice,
sprinkling all over, i really have no choice, but i’d still choose you and your voice boy,
’cause every ounce of what you speak is so enchanting,
and every movement that you make seems like you are dancing.
you are dancing…

i may not be the prettiest to all of the magazines,
but to you i’m gorgeous and you treat me like a queen.
hey fella– you can be my king, together we will, we will, we will–
sing until the day breaks.
sing until the day breaks.

No need for the mixed messages. it only creates internal stresses.
No need to calculate percentages. I’ll tell you straight up, what’s impressive is
your attention to all the details. the way you move, patient as a snail, ’cause
i like when you take your time with me, & you admire my relation with Coyote.
i want you to know that i’d give up any plans, if it meant making your sweet smile dance.
grinning ear to ear, gonna give us a chance.

sing until the day breaks!

katie wind

wake me up from snooze…

gathering in Gold Hill, across from the Rogue.
pairs of shoes left behind @ entry.
familiar faces stir up familiar feelings.
the fire calls out sincerely.
beautiful beings surround it for warmth & company.
music knows me, guides me, shows me
how to heal & approach life sweetly.
bullfrogs send out their scattered chorus
from the pond that seems calm for eternity.
river otter glides,
bringing the weasel vibes.
leaving a wake very minimally.
a train rolls by seeming rushed for time,
barreling along & shouting abruptly.
peacock shouts & wanders about,
i sit here burning, … healing.
Our bodies are composed of fibers of light.
That’s why it’s brilliant when you & I collide.
By day & night we fly to connect to the most High.
Yeah, you & I are something magical, you & I can change the tides.
and so we ride, into the sunset, until the sunrise.

I hear sleep is for dreamers, but these moments can clean us.
yet so may rest if we :[give it the time]:
your radiant smile brings out my best, :[I got love for you growing wide]:
while I wrestle with killer whales, you remind me
that I’m a woman with the heart of a child,
:[always & forever growing bright]:
Life-changing views wake me up from snooze.
Check my pack, ready to roll if I choose.
Move across mountain ranges, take in all of the hues.
People call it deranged if it’s not the right shade of blue.
But that’s alright, we roll on ’cause there’s nothing to lose.
Just vehicles to deliver the Source News.
Scouts in training make their debut.
time & time again, dissolve into the truth.
what’s a-skew is the “don’ts” and “do’s”
of society’s matrix: they feed you booze & collect your dues.
But time to move on from that, boil a different stew.
Review the clues from source & find that Sacred is You.
Hold compassion, light, infinite love & gratitude.
:[Wake me up]:
I can still see you clearly. Your handwriting.
I don’t even have to close my eyes to see it. To see you.
4.3.14 on a dream:
Glimpse of a killer whale. Glimpse of a fairy tale.
Glimpse of death to come. Glimpse of life and love.

drag me under while i fight to save the ones I love.
I got your message loud & clear, a few days too late.

[jai guru deva, om]

He’s got such sad eyes.
They’re weighted. They’re a mess.
But they’re beautiful when they make contact.
Just like us.


There are days when coffee ain’t enough.
When sleep ain’t coming. When things get rough.
Days when I pretend to be tough and
When my heart spills, I wipe it up with my worn-down cuff.

These days I tend to write only temporarily in my mind.
But my mantra is that I’m working hard to be kind.
Shouldn’t be such a struggle, shouldn’t take so much time.
Should be a look of compassion in the blink of an eye.

Now I don’t have a space of my own.
Sleeping in the back of my truck ain’t exactly a home.
But it’s not conducive to creativity or riding the “Om.”
Not all those who wander are lost, but what’s the meaning of the roam?

I tell ya, tone of voice can make all the difference.
Positive affirmations get ya off the fence.
Tell myself in the mirror that I’ve got unlimited connection
to Source, to laughter, to everything, & that’s a blessing.


Getting Re-wired.

i look to the sky
it effortlessly glides by
the red-shouldered hawk
giving it’s cry

like a cry out for Vision
which some days
i am familiar with,
some days
seems like a concept too foreign.

a sparkle shines from broken rock.
pieces distributed to the interpreters.
yeah, yeah.
maybe they love coffee
more than is necessary.
can you blame them?
then, the sun hits
and shadows are born.

turkey. quail. spotted skunk.
cougar. showshoe hare. coyote.
leave their tracks
for us to read.
to interpret.
to communicate.
to honor.

then i hear stories of the young ones.
they have animal brethren
who visit them
whose connection is palpable.

i’m honored to sit and learn from them.
even when i pretend not to be.
their light is unmistakable.
but it’s obtainable.
i knew it once.
i mean really KNEW it.

so i work
(it’s good work)
to bring back that light
into me

i squandered the opportunity
time and time again
as i fell into society’s illusions.
but good news is,
it never really went out.
i can tend the fire.
while my brain and heart get rewired.

it’s happening.
it’s real.

katie shelter